WASSCE Civic Education

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Civic Education is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values essential for active and responsible citizenship. The aim is for students to develop a profound understanding of civic responsibilities, democratic principles, and the mechanisms of societal functioning.


Students will explore topics such as the structure of government, human rights, citizenship, political systems, and the significance of civic participation. The subject places a strong emphasis on fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, encouraging students to engage with real-world societal issues and make positive contributions to their communities.

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Abdulrafiu Izuafa, a Software Engineering Bachelor's degree candidate, is a certified Flutter and Python developer with expertise in automation and mobile app development. Currently a Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador and GitHub expert at Microsoft, Abdulrafiu has gained international recognition for his contributions, including work on AI and ML algorithms addressing societal challenges. He serves as a Mentor at GSSoC 2023 and is affiliated with organizations like Rise, Wevoi, and Owlypia.

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